Our latest generation laser photoplotter allow us to produce very-high-resolution film photomasks.

Laser photoplotting on film, which is less expensive than the production of glass photomasks, is ideally suited for research and development, for example for microfluidic applications.

Our premises, which are stabilised in terms of temperature and hygrometry, ensure the stability and dimensional repeatability of our film masks.

We also plot at lower resolutions according to your needs.

We guarantee the shipment of your film photomask within 24 hours of receiving your file and order.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our staff are at your disposal for any further information.

Technical information

Polyester 0.18 mm with photoemulsion layer.
Maximum size
710x810 mm (28x32 inch)
Minimum structure
6µm for line. 10um for circle, square.
File format
Gerber 274X, if, GDSII, dxf, dwg, ps, eps, pdf