Selba S.A. is a Swiss company specialised in
high-precision photolithography and glass
machining for more than 50 years.

Optical encoder disc and optical linear scale

Selba S.A. produces incremental encoder discs, absolute encoder discs and linear scale on glass and film.

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Glass photomask

Selba S.A. produces high-resolution glass photomasks.

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Film photomask, photoplotting

Selba S.A. offers an attractively priced high-resolution laser photoplotting service.

Shipping takes place within 24 hours.

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Precision graduation pattern and calibration plate

Selba S.A. offers calibration plates and precision graduation pattern adapted to every need.

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Glass machining

Selba S.A. is recognised for its know-how, its quality and its precision in glass machining.

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